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Air Seat

Code: 53767
Weight: 58.4kg


Air Seat Deluxe Back Recline Adjustment - Deluxe Air Seat Sears


  1. Adjustable backrest height provides customise comfort preventing damage from bad posture
  2. Ergonomically sculptured back support for full range of movement
  3. Fully adjustable armrests designed for easy angle adjustment on the move. These fully fold up & feature substantial foam padding for improved comfort when turning in the seat
  4. Seat cushion extension 60mm (2 1/4 “) in 5 steps providing thigh support whatever your height
  5. Swivel 24° rotational adjustment left and right with lock in, lock out, free swivel facility. Making it easier when driving, getting in and out of the seat or using a rear attachment.
  6. Seat cushion angle adjustment reduces pressure on the back of the knees
  7. Low natural frequency Airide® suspension
  8. Slide travel range - 200mm Roller slides for smooth seat positioning
  9. Infinite seat back angle adjustment
  10. Armrest mounted air valve switch for simple and accurate finger tip control
  11. Electric air lumbar support - the air lumbar support moulds itself to your back, quickly and exactly.
Overweight Product +30KG – Requires Skid Delivery.
D5565A, SA30582.400

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